Who is God and What is He Like?

“In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth” Genesis 1: 1
The word ‘created’ is associated only with God in the Bible; speaks only of that which only God can do (Romans 1:19-21 ); and addresses the fact that God puts in everyone’s heart an inner witness to a source of right and wrong and a greater power to whom we are all accountable. No one can miss the evidence of His creative sovereignty (Psalm 8 and Isaiah 40:21-22) Friends: Some people imagine God as a loving father in heaven who is waiting to bless them, while there are also people who do not believe there is God. However, the only way to truly know God and what He is like is to rely on the description of God found in the Bible. When believers are convinced that God’s Word, the Bible, is true, only then do we have a sure foundation for our beliefs about God Almighty.

Friends, God is unchangeable. If He has given us a promise in His Word, the Bible, we can be sure that He will never change His mind. “God is love”. The ultimate expression of His love for us was the act of sending His Son into the world to redeem sinners (John 3:16). God is Holy and righteous. He is also a God of wrath, that is, the Lord hates sin. The wrath of God will never come upon believers, those of us who have trusted in Jesus as our savior, because it is ‘limited to those who defy the Lord and reject His Son (John 3:36). God is our judge and we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ to be recompensed for our deeds (2 Cor.5:1 0). The Lord is a rewarder (1 Cor 3:10-15) God’s love, grace, , and mercy will be evident to His children (Believers).

As believers, disciples of Jesus the Christ, we need to have a firm conviction regarding our eternal security. A true salvation experience provide the gift of eternal life. Ephesians 2:8 and 9 says salvation is the result of God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus, not our goodness or performance.

Do you sometimes doubt that you are saved? When making decisions are you more likely to view God according to your circumstances, experience or according to the Bible?

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