Women’s Health and Pregnancy

Women patients ask their Pharmacist whether acetaminophen is risky during
pregnancy. This is because of a recent study that suggests acetaminophen use
during pregnancy might be linked to a higher risk of ADHD in children. The risk
of ADHD seems higher when acetaminophen is used for a longer duration,
especially for 6 weeks or more.

  • The new study just suggests an ASSOCIATION between acetaminophen use
    during pregnancy and ADHD, it does not prove the drug cause ADHD .
  • Occasional use by mom-to-be, still seems safer than other analgesics.
  • A fever could be risky to the fetus especially in early pregnancy.
  • CAUTION: “mom-to-be,”-Please, CHECK with your Physician before taking
    or using any medication.

 Measles Vaccination Push with Recent Outbreaks

    • Measles was supposed to be “officially eliminated” in the USA in 2000, but
      out-breaks could still occur due to foreign travel and low vaccination rate.
    • Unprotected travelers can pick up measles in other countries then spread
      it to people back home who have not heard it or been vaccinated.
    • Many people do not realize that measles is extremely contagious and can
      lead to pneumonia, miscarriages, encephalitis and possibly death.
    • Pharmacist could help identify patient who could benefit from vaccination.
      About 97% of people develop immunity to measles, usually for life, after 2
      doses MMR (measles/mumps/rubella).