Walking by Faith

“Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not  seen” Hebrew 11:1

The Christian life is a walk of faith. From the moment you become a believer,  you enter the school of faith because from that  moment God’s goal is to  teach you to put your trust in Him. Faith is acting on what you know full well  is true, that God is able to keep His promises and can be trusted to do just  that. Faith is the conviction that God will always do what He promises to do  regardless of the circumstances. At the moment you accepted Christ as your  savior “born again”, the Holy Spirit also called the Spirit of Jesus comes to live  within you.

In Genesis 12; 10-20. No longer after settling down, Abraham left the famine -stricken Canaan for rich Egypt. He tried to take control of  the situation and  provide for his family, instead of trusting, and resting on the promises that  God has given him. Abraham’s welfare was in God’s hand but Abraham failed  to acknowledge it. When Abraham arrived in Egypt he got himself into even  more trouble by lying to Pharaoh.

Brethren, how many times have you end up in a bigger mess of things by  trying to fix God’s plan to your own wants?  Put your whole trust in God and  allow Him to direct your paths. God does NOT need your help to fulfill His  promises and His plans, but He wants only your unconditional and un wavering  OBEDIENCE. To walk by faith you need the Bible (God’s Word), obedience to the  word and totally dependent on God.

No one can live the Christian life in his or her own strength without one’s total  surrender and obedience to the Holy Spirit within you. Who is running your life  right now, you or Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit who lives in you? If you live in  flesh, you cannot please God, you should set your mind on things spiritual the  Holy Spirit will help you live it. You need to live every moment in dependency