Vaccine 2015

Flu Vaccine 2015 Problems

Patients are asking their Pharmacist about problems with this year’s Flu vaccine, and whether they need an antiviral, if they get the Flu.Influenza A H3N2 is the most common strain circulating now, and it has mutated since the vaccine was formulated, that is why this year’s Flu- Vaccine is only 23% effective compared to up to 55% last season. The H3N2 strain is also more virulent, leading to more hospitalization, and deaths. However, do not stop vaccinating. The vaccine can still prevent Flu due to their strains Some people say all cases of Flu should be treated with an antiviral, this is not true. Antivirals have a very modest benefit for most low-risk patients. Save Antivirals for severely ill, hospitalized, or at high risk for complications due to ages-less than 2,or greater than 65; pregnancy and / or certain chronic condition, such as COPD, etc. Pharmacist could suggest Tamiflu (oseltamivir) for 5 days for most patients, Longer durations are  for prophylaxis, or some severely ill patients. Use the new dosing for renal disease.