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New Vaccines for Meningitis

The new guideline raises medical questions about who should get Bexsero or Trumenba to prevent meningitis. Your Pharmacist could explain that these new vaccines only protect against Meningitis B., as well as emphasis that they are not replacement for Menactra or Menveo which cover the A,C, W, and Y strains. Point out that Bexsero or Trumenba are not routinely recommended for all patients, but just for some, at higher risk of meningitis B.

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Improving Patient Care through Drug Education


  • Ministry of Health, Drug and  Wellness Education
  • Chronic Diseases: RX drug information updates for prevention and treatment.
  • Women’s and children health medication information
  • Men’s Health Medication Information
  • Vaccination – Vaccine Contraindication and Precaution
  • Natural and Herbal Medicines Update
  • Drug Interactions and Medication Errors
  • Medication: Information RX Patient Corrections

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Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Patients often ask the Pharmacist how to select and use home blood pressure monitors. Home monitoring is appropriate for any patient with hypertension, especially if you suspect “White Coat” or resistant hypertension. It can confirm  office BPs; may boost medication adherence and improve BP control. Continue reading

Vaccine 2015

Flu Vaccine 2015 Problems

Patients are asking their Pharmacist about problems with this year’s Flu vaccine, and whether they need an antiviral, if they get the Flu.Influenza A H3N2 is the most common strain circulating now, and it has mutated since the vaccine was formulated, that is why this year’s Flu- Vaccine is only 23% effective compared to up to 55% last season. Continue reading

Women’s Health and Pregnancy

Women patients ask their Pharmacist whether acetaminophen is risky during
pregnancy. This is because of a recent study that suggests acetaminophen use
during pregnancy might be linked to a higher risk of ADHD in children. The risk
of ADHD seems higher when acetaminophen is used for a longer duration,
especially for 6 weeks or more.

  • The new study just suggests an ASSOCIATION between acetaminophen use
    during pregnancy and ADHD, it does not prove the drug cause ADHD .
  • Occasional use by mom-to-be, still seems safer than other analgesics.
  • A fever could be risky to the fetus especially in early pregnancy.
  • CAUTION: “mom-to-be,”-Please, CHECK with your Physician before taking
    or using any medication.

 Measles Vaccination Push with Recent Outbreaks

    • Measles was supposed to be “officially eliminated” in the USA in 2000, but
      out-breaks could still occur due to foreign travel and low vaccination rate.
    • Unprotected travelers can pick up measles in other countries then spread
      it to people back home who have not heard it or been vaccinated.
    • Many people do not realize that measles is extremely contagious and can
      lead to pneumonia, miscarriages, encephalitis and possibly death.
    • Pharmacist could help identify patient who could benefit from vaccination.
      About 97% of people develop immunity to measles, usually for life, after 2
      doses MMR (measles/mumps/rubella).