Welcome to First Nations Baptist Church

It is our privilege to welcome you to our Church Website First  Nations Baptist Church. We are building a thriving  and diverse  community of Christians of all nations towards  a personal relationship  with Jesus Christ. Salvation is a  precious free gift  by grace. Salvation  has been provided  to all but it must be accepted individually by each person.  Grace is a gift of God through  Christ. There is no one beyond  God’ grace and mercy. It is available to all who call on Him. God’s grace  and mercy offers forgiveness for sinful people  like you and me. Ministry  of Healing FN-BC chose the internet  to continue Christ Ministry of Healing through Preventive Health  Information and Drug/Medication Information  and Wellness.

My Journey From Africa to America

Order >> My Journey From Africa to America Book: in Search of Education
by Dr. Tommy Olawuyi  Oke